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Set of three electrostimulators, a large hydrogel electrostimulator suitable for abdominals and two small hydrogel electrostimulators for smaller and more targeted muscles.
Each of them has its own remote control with 6 modes and 10 intensity levels to meet your daily exercise needs!
You will be delighted!
Do not hesitate to start with a lower intensity level to get used to it and gradually increase.
The results will be quite quick if you use it daily for about 30 minutes.
EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) Technology builds muscles through the skin, it is recognized as an effective method of muscle building.
The ABS electrostimulator, which uses efficient EMS technology, can directly transfer the current signal to your muscle, to promote muscle formation and movement.
The EMS fitness muscle stimulator is super light, portable, comfortable to wear and small enough to pack in a bag.
The hydrogel pads can be worn discreetly under your clothes.
You can do muscle training in the office, in the bedroom or on the road whenever and wherever!
Technical characteristics:
-Output voltage: 25V (maximum)
– Output current: 0-45mA
– Screen: 1.4 ‘digital

Included in the pack:
1x Abdominal Muscle Electrostimulator
2x Muscle Electrostimulators for Arm / Leg
3x Main Controllers
1x Cable loading
1x User manual.

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