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Small wireless electrostimulator with 15 intensity levels and 6 modes, easy to choose the most comfortable intensity for your muscle pain.
Ideal for body relaxation, this little device will transform your body and your life!
You can tailor your strength training sessions with this small device and concentrate the stimulation on a particular muscle.
It is very easy to use with its small box, you will have no trouble finding the right intensity and the right mode.
Beep sound easy to identify different modes – when you press the mode button.
Safe and effective, each has its own function, it can also be used as a massager to relieve muscle pain in the shoulders, arms, legs, calves, buttocks, back, abdomen, joints, pain at work, etc.
Portable and easy to use, Able to wear under clothes, convenient to use anywhere, it is the perfect travel companion!
Tone for your muscles? or a simple relaxed session? It’s up to you !
Small but powerful, enough power to massage the body, the effectiveness of this small device is assured, it is advisable to do a daily session of around 30 minutes.
Technical characteristics:
– Battery type: CR2032 lithium battery
– Voltage in Volt: 54V (maximum)
– Output current: 0-45 MA

– Included in the pack:
-1x Muscle Electrostimulator
-1x Self-adhesive hydrogel pad
-1x Main controller
-1x Remote control
-1x Manual Instructions for use
-1 x USB Type-C cable (to charge the electrostimulator.

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