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If you are finally motivated to have abs, then now is the time with this electrostimulation belt for abs!
Pleasant to wear, the belt is made of imitation leather, it surrounds your abs well, the main controller is magnetized directly on the belt.
It has 6 different modes and you can also manage the intensity levels to adapt your sessions, if you want more a massage or on the contrary a real work on the muscle for concrete abs! Adopted EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology.
The muscle abdominal belt is super light and portable.
You can do muscle training in the office, in the bedroom anytime and anywhere!
EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) Technology builds muscles through the skin, it is recognized as an effective method of building muscles.
The ABS electrostimulator, which uses efficient EMS technology, can directly transfer the current signal to your muscle, to promote muscle formation and movement.
Technical characteristics:
-Voltage voltage: DC 5V
– Voltage during use: DC3.3 V
– Battery type: Polymer / Lithium
– Belt size: 97x12x0.3 cm

Included in the pack:
1x Electrostimulator abdominal muscle belt
4x Self-adhesive hydrogel pads
1x Main controller
1x Charging cable
1x User manual

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