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• Multi-sport connected watch with rounded 1.3-inch screen and fully touch screen.
• It includes 2 buttons for easy navigation, and the application offers several display styles that can be configured according to predefined scenarios.
• The new generation heart rate monitor is linked to big data allowing the implementation of smarter daily supervision.
• Likewise for blood pressure and the level of oxygen in the blood, the detection of risks to your health is much more refined than a classic connected watch.
The supported sport modes are: swimming, badminton, cycling, running, soccer and badminton.
• For each sport mode, there is an analysis based on scientific data in order to suggest ways of improvement.
• This is also true for your sleep management, ie the data will be scientifically analyzed for possible improvement.
• The watch offers another innovative feature: by shaking your arm, you can trigger the camera.
Multiple shakes will have the equivalent of a burst mode! Product parameters:
• Screen size: 1.3 inches
• Bluetooth version: 4.0
• Operating mode: key + button
• Resolution: 240 * 240
• Waterproof rating: IP 68
• Charging mode: magnetic
• Capacity battery capacity: 200mAh
• Main control chip: Fengjia Micro 6202
• Compatible version: Android & IOS

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