Open call for Selonce social media nano or micro-influencers who would love to wear and use products from world brands!

Selonce influencers invite

Selonce is an online shop with a Flash Sale concept that helps brands reevaluate stock through new markets and connect them with consumers who are searching for discounted quality products up to 80%. We are inviting nano or micro-influencers living in Europe to join our marketing S-team as active community influencers and get rewarded with discount vouchers and free products! 

Selonce online shop operates on a free-membership model, which enables it to provide the best value to members, not only price-wise but also by creating personalized offers based on individual preferences and online behavior. Selonce offers products in 4 categories   sports, fashion, home & garden, and electronics. To date, it has confirmed cooperation with more than 250 brands. All offered products will be reduced from the regular price in the amount of 30% to 80%. There will be a new sale added every day that will last from 3 to 5 days. With new sales refreshed every day, the selection of products will be diverse and for all styles and needs. 

Be part of Selonce marketing S-team as an influencer on social media and get rewarded in vouchers or free products.


Selonce fashion influencers

Who can join the S-TEAM?

We are inviting community opinion leaders (nano or micro-influencers) from all over Europe, with more than 800 Instagram followers who love to wear world-known brands, to promote a new shopping experience with new sales every day, top brands, and discounts up to 80%!

It is important for us that you believe in a brand you promote, as your family and friends see you as a trendsetter in your community.

Why nano or micro-influencers?

Founder of Selonce moved from Southern Europe to France where flash sales online sites offer high discounts on best-valued brands for more than 10 years already. But unfortunately, there are no online sites with a similar concept in Southern and Eastern European markets! And his wish was to “help his family in home country and friends from all Europe with access to the highest quality products from world-known brands at a discounted price”.

And family and friends are our closest community members who can hear about Selonce’s discount deals from you. 

How will I get rewarded for my cooperation?

By earning free discount vouchers which you could use on Selonce or with free products from our partner brands. As we are a startup we can deliver a reward in discount vouchers for image campaigns and free products in specific brand campaigns. To get more information on details of cooperation sign up to the S-team HERE. 

What do I have to do to get rewarded?

Each campaign (image or brand) will be presented to you with a short description and terms of cooperation which will define:

  • weekly tasks with suggested creatives for posts and stories,
  • concept of rewarding (free vouchers or products). 

Your only task will be to share the experience of shopping at Selonce or wearing a specific brand that is available on Selonce with your followers on social media.  


It’s up to you which brand you would like to promote and what creative you will use to present Selonce’s story and online shop. No strings attached.

Selonce sports influencers

How can I join the S-TEAM?

Answer some basic questions regarding your interests, social channels, and background (country, gender …) in order to get you a perfect brand match for your next campaign. 

Our marketing team will review your request. Selected influencers will get an e-mail with Selonce’s presentation and the proposal of cooperation with us. 

Get your ticket to Selonce’s marketing S-team, meet influencers from all Europe, and earn vouchers while wearing world-famous brands. 


Share this open cal for Selonce influencers invite with your friends and community of influencers who would be interested in cooperation.

Selonce – From brands to Friends!