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We’re launching Selonce.

Open to subscribed members only, we are offering sales with
discounts from 30 % to 80 % on products from your favourite world brands in FASHION, SPORT, HOME & GARDEN AND ELECTRONICS.

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Which brands?

Our sales department is working hard to get some pretty crazy deals with brands. Till now we have confirmed cooperation with sports brands such as Elan, Deuter, Meindl, Alpine Pro, Silva, Trekmates, 4K and Tenson.


Simply. We offer brands from all over the world a simple solution - a platform that allows to connect their products with our member friends. We negotiate best deals for members of our community and deliver new products with up to 80 % discount in short sales events lasting 3 to 5 days. We get products from brands to our friends!

For who?

For smart people, who like to get quality products for more than fair (discounted) price from your favorite brands. The more the community grows, the better deals we can get from brands that desire to sell all their stock. Therefore, SELONCE website will be members only. Get on board and start enjoying our offers for free.


We are working night and day to build up SELONCE eCommerce site and make it smooth and user-friendly. Our goal is to make it up and running in Summer of 2020.